FREE BIRDS: An Adventure in Downtown LA.

Routine and formulated plans. Monotony. One in the same. 

...Or maybe that’s simply the teenage response to laziness and failed alarm clocks. But of course, when your plans to go to Los Angeles with your best friend are created within a 10 minute window from waking up from her phone call that morning (you both woke up late and wanted to hitch a ride with her parents) to driving like a maniac to her house, a day nothing short of unbridled vigor and carpe diem is what you can expect. We’re young and alive. 

And awake (somewhat on time).
And we both serendipitously happened to be wearing matching leather jackets. Yes, take heed.
After getting ready in the bathroom of a corporate building and breakfast at 11:30 am from a restaurant's lunch menu...the city of angels is ours.

Rooftops, abandoned buildings, glorious lighting, fire escapes (complete with almost horribly gone moments with an all too clumsy friend), adventure and exploration at its finest—which you can confirm when, by day’s end, your already ripped boyfriend jeans are actually completely frayed to a point of no return.

Upon reviewing the visual glory of that day, I noticed the images of birds and feathers paralleling us humans were all too blatant, thus the title of this post... Motifs aren't just for the books, ladies and gentlemen. (May the skills you learned in english class forever alter your symbolic perception of the world)

And so, I suppose we come to the conclusion together, dear viewers:

The pursuit of fire escapes and rooftops. The pursuit of happiness. One in the same.

I swear we live for moments like this. 



This adventure originally appeared on ADIMAY - Submitted by photographer and blogger, Aditi Mayer for sharing on Established California.