Wanderlust: A Bohemian Inspired Adventure

We, at estCA, love seeing all of your California Adventures! It's so inspiring to see everyone going out and exploring their surroundings! Whether it's an event, a photo, a road trip, video or writing, we really hope you see our community as a place to share your own Golden State of Mind. So let me take a quick moment to say THANK YOU for sharing with us. 

When Jason and Sean of Audrey Alba Films shared with us their Bohemian Inspired short, we knew we wanted to share with you all! These two filmmakers from San Diego, CA started their company back in early 2014, using their two daughter's as the inspiration behind the name of their film company. They are inspired by creativity, whether it be from film, music or art. They love to film fashion shoots and create custom wedding films. 


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Clothing : freepeople.com
Jewelry : alexandani.com
Music : musicbed.com

Filmed I Editing : audreyalbafilms.com

Where did the name Audrey Alba originate from?

 When we first started our cinematography company a year and half ago, we knew that we had to pick a name that represented us well. Around the same time, Sean's wife and my wife has just given birth to 2 baby girls. Both of them were born at the same hospital only 3 weeks apart from each other. We figured what better than to name a new company after these precious little girls! We're hoping that they take over the business once we become some old guys! 

How did you two meet?

We met a few years back while both working at a boutique hotel in downtown San Diego. Sean was one of the accountants and I was the audio visual tech. On Fridays, I would turn in the weekly billing to Sean and that's how we started talking. Every once in a while, the hotel would ask me to film one of their events. I had asked Sean to help me out with one of them and ever since then we've been filming together. 

What do you love most about California?

Jason - Besides the amazing weather and beaches, I truly appreciate all the creative people that come from California. We have a lot of talent out here! Everything from music, food, film, dance to art. 

Sean - I love how big it is. You can drive along the coast for 8 hours from San Diego to San Fransisco and still be in the same state! Not to mention all of the scenic places to stop along the way. 

What’s on your current playlist?

Jason - A Tribe Called Quest, Kygo, Oscar Peterson, Count Basie, Empire of the Sun, Lana Del Rey and Essie Jain

Sean -  August Burns Red, Veil of Maya, The Devil Wears Prada

What advice would you give your 16 your old selves?

Jason - As often as possible focus your attention on exactly what you want from your life. Have fun, let go and take a risk every once in a while!  

Sean - Make more films! High school was when I first got into filmmaking and I wish I would have taken it more seriously, sooner, so that by now our technique and experience would be that much better!

What advice would you give to others?

Jason - Love your work and constantly strive for improvement! 

Sean - If you love doing something so much that you're constantly thinking about it while out and about or at work, you should strive to make it your craft so that at the end of each work day you have something you're truly proud of that you created with your own vision. Get out, go somewhere, and start imagining!

Favorite thing to do in California?

Jason - Explore! I like going to new places that I've never been in California. Next time you don't have anything to do, just get in the car and drive without direction. I bet it'll take you somewhere cool! 

Sean -  I love when we get to visit Big Bear, staying in a cabin and going snowboarding. We don't get to do it often so when we do it feels like an out of state vacation even though we're only a few hours away. 

Your favorite California city and why?

Jason - That's a tough one to answer but I'd have to give it up for San Diego. We got some pretty amazing craft beer and food out here, haha! It truly is America's finest city! 

Sean - I was born and raised here (San Diego) so it's hard to appreciate anywhere else as much! The proximity to so many different places is hard to top. Mountains, beaches, amusement parks, airports; I think all we're missing are waterfalls for it to truly be a paradise!