Hi! My name is Melissa Heyde and I am the creator behind the beach inspired lifestyle blog, Mermaid Memos! I am a total beach girl, with a love and passion for health, travel, beauty, and overall wellness.  I grew up in beautiful San Diego, lived in Hawaii for a couple years and have always been drawn to the beach lifestyle.  I currently am a substitute teacher and side blogger, but aspire for those two to be switched soon.  I love the creative process of blogging and hope to grow my brand into a business.  Being a substitute teacher, I am always on a budget but looking for creative ways to eat healthy, support my shopping addiction, and live a fun and healthy lifestyle! I hope to share and inspire all age groups with creative beauty/health tips, motivation, skinny recipes, cool DIYs, and an all around fun guide to everything beach inspired! Life is a balancing act, staying positive and grateful are my key motives in being the best version of yourself, each and every day.  I love meeting new people, especially in the blogging and entrepreneur world!  Chat soon! XO