A SNOWY CALIFORNIA: An Adventure in Mt. Shasta

Photography by Lindsay Vacek

Photography by Lindsay Vacek

California is more than oceans, beaches and good weather. Believe it or not, there are mountains and snow and seasons here too. It's reason 123 of 1348238522 reasons I love living here. 

While, mostly, I live in Los Angeles 300 days of the year (a LA native - I find myself traveling up to two months per the year most years) I feel, at times, LA can feel really suffocating. It's a concrete jungle that we have to navigate around everyday - to and from our day jobs.. our social lives.. our love lives -- it can get to someone sometimes.. and sometimes, Life calls for an intervention. 

I love to travel. I've been really fortunate to be able to travel the world (as I slowly... er, quickly... approach my 30's) -- I've backpacked my way across Europe, climbed my way over the Great Wall of China and swam with the fish in Tahiti and Bali. Traveling is something that will always be close to my heart. 

Well, a few weeks back, I was hitting a... let's call it "mid-life" crisis.. if you will... and I desperately needed out of LA. 

I, luckily, have some really amazing friends who live in a great mountain town in Northern California: Mount Shasta. I called one of my best friends and was on a plane a few days later and boy, did I need the getaway. My first day there, I got in my rental car and turned off my cell phone and just let myself get lost. Navigating open roads, discovering the undiscovered (at least to me). It made me fall hopelessly in love with the city (so much I'm looking to buy a vacation home up there!)  

Here are some of my photos from my breather from the city. 


Lindsay Vacek has a passion for style, details and design. As a Fashion Editorial Photographer, she's worked in the Entertainment Industry for over 10 years and has a love for adventure and travel. She spends her spare time globe-trotting her way through foreign countries and loves new cultures, food, music and the arts. 

Being a California Native, Lindsay loves meeting new people and sharing her version of life with others. With an infinite list of things-to-do, places-to-go and sights-to-see - she believe everyone can have a little more California in their own lives.