CHEERS TO A NEW YEAR: An Adventure in Glamis, CA

It's rather surreal, being in the desert of south Eastern California. You could wander around the dunes for days and see little more than tire tracks in the sand. It's really hard not to get reflective, almost introspective, in this massive, empty space. Maybe it's being out in a desolate space. Maybe it's being in a place that seems untouched by time, knowing that it looked virtually the same hundreds of years ago and will for hundreds of years. Whatever the reason, i found my thoughts grow more and more sentimental as the day wore on. 

Seemingly removed from all time and space it is easy to step back and look at the year we've had. As we watched the sun set over the dunes, I didn't feel sad at seeing something come to an end. It is peaceful. I looked back to see all the amazing times we had and the amazing people we got a chance to work with and create something amazing.

Just as the last rays of sunlight, the dying moments of the day, cast the sky in its most beautiful and vibrant colors. I can bask in the sappy, sweet moment of reflection as my thoughts too turn beautiful and vibrant.

So lift a glass of champagne or whatever it is you've got.

Here’s to 2015.


These photos are the product of a collaboration by Ashley WilliamsShannon BailyRenata Amazonas & Thomas Williams / Jewelry by: Kim Egel / Blankets from Sackcloth & Ashes  / Foreword by Thomas Williams for Established California.